Your Impact - Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

When you support FOCUS, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Campus Life 

Your support is vital for training and sustaining more than 700 FOCUS campus missionaries worldwide. FOCUS missionaries answer the call by going to college and university campuses across the country and inviting students onto the journey to Christ’s Kingdom. Partnering with chaplains and campus ministers, FOCUS missionaries go out to colleges and universities to meet students where they are: in the dorms, on the field, at the student union and in every corner of campus. Through outreach events and one-on-one conversations, students make meaningful connections with members of Christ’s body — growing in friendships, sharing life and coming together in authentic community.

See how missionary Josh Santo reaches students at Northern Arizona University and helps them answer the call for discipleship.

FOCUS Missions

FOCUS Missions began in one small, grassroots trip to Peru in 2004. A few FOCUS staff members recognized the tremendous value in international missions of this nature and took the initiative to plan a trip with their students. In the years since, FOCUS Missions has expanded to 44 countries, over 130 trips, and almost 2,000 people on mission. Today, many of our mission trips are still established through the experiences and contacts of our missionaries.

With your support, FOCUS Missions serve the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, meeting them where they are and embracing their community and dignity, and to bring college students into radical, life-changing encounters in which we equip them to address the spiritual and physical needs of their own communities.

See how FOCUS Missions change the lives of faithful students and the global communities they serve.

FOCUS Conferences

Since FOCUS’ inception, your support has funded national conferences and events that give students from all over the country — and all over the world — the chance to come together by the thousands to learn about the Catholic faith, to experience genuine fellowship and to unite as members of the Body of Christ. Joined by chaplains and religious, Catholic speakers, inspiring artists and benefactors, these students become a visible, living witness to the Catholic faith for the next generation. When students experience the love of Christ through a FOCUS conference, their minds are opened, their hearts are lifted — and their lives are forever changed.

See how FOCUS events like SEEK21 enable students to come together and experience the love, hope and very real presence of Jesus Christ through His Church

Varsity Catholic

College athletes face unique challenges, a significant amount of pressure and great influence among their teams, their peers and the culture.  Despite this, they are among the most underserved students on the college campus by Catholics.

Your support enables Varsity Catholic to serve college athletes who are searching for Christ. FOCUS’ Varsity Catholic missionaries mentor athletes within their demanding schedules, teaching them to glorify God in their sport and in their daily lives. Through genuine friendship, prayer and sharing God’s message of hope and mercy, Varsity Catholic missionaries aim to raise up disciples of Jesus who are equipped to make disciples of others.

See what professionals and coaches are saying about the impact Varsity Catholic has on student athletes during a time when it’s easy to be led astray. 


FOCUS Greek is an intentional outreach within FOCUS to fraternity and sorority students in Greek systems. Because of their roles as leaders, Greek students have a unique influence and ability to help others on the journey to Christ — both on campus and out in the world following graduation.

FOCUS Greek missionaries are on just over half of our FOCUS campuses. Our staff have a passion to reach out to Greek students — many of our missionaries were Greeks themselves. With your support, they are returning to campus to help change the Greek culture, challenging these student leaders to turn away from some of the darker influences on campus to answer a higher calling.

See how FOCUS Greek missionaries are fighting to live out the values on which their chapters were founded.

Alumni Network

The FOCUS mission only begins on campus. Beyond college, these men and women step out into every level of society, equipped to lead others to become missionary disciples in their families, parishes, workplaces and communities. Because of your support, FOCUS’ impact in the New Evangelization lasts far beyond graduation.  As they enter the world, FOCUS alumni are inspired and equipped to lead others to Christ in their friendships, families, workplaces and parishes. Since FOCUS’ beginnings, more than 20,000 alumni have been launched into the world as missionary disciples, ready to evangelize no matter where the Lord calls them.

See how NFL player and FOCUS alumnus Harrison Butker returned to the Church and began his own journey of discipleship after meeting a campus missionary.  

“What attracted me most to the missionaries was the authentic joy that they possessed. They lived with the confidence of their identity as a beloved son or daughter or God.”

Josh Paiement

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