Ensuring the Future By Building Financial Security

As St. Paul reminded the Corinthians in his first letter, we are in a race — headed toward an eternal destiny, aiming to receive an imperishable prize. For the sake of winning hearts for Christ, we know we must not simply run, but “run so as to win”
(1 Cor. 9:24).

FOCUS is embarking on a rapid but thoughtful expansion that will exponentially increase the number of young people launched into lifelong Catholic mission. As part of our Run so as to Win Campaign, FOCUS aims to raise $125 million in Legacy Challenge commitments to achieve this vision.

As FOCUS prepares and launches a generation of young men and women into lifelong mission, it is just as important for our organization to build layers of stability so that we can meet each successive generation with the Gospel. We want to ensure the future of the Church for decades to come. Our Legacy Challenge portion of the campaign will do just that, creating financial longevity for FOCUS and its ministries.

By including FOCUS in your will or other estate plans, you can join our Legacy Challenge and help to build up the City of God, molding contingents of young and vibrant souls to run alongside us in pursuit of holiness.